A day of rest and relaxation – Eden Hall Spa

A day of rest and relaxation – Eden Hall Spa

Last Friday it was my lovely mum’s birthday. She does so much for us, so I always like to make sure I buy her something extra nice. This year I decided to treat her (and me) to a day at Eden Hall Spa at Nottingham, the week after.

I love having a spa day and Eden Hall has always been my favourite, so I was super excited to go back.

Upon arrival we were greeting with a mini cup of Gingerbread latte, which was yummy. We swiftly checked in and then went to the changing rooms to put of our swim wear and bath robes. Our lunch was scheduled for 1.30pm, so we decided to indulge in a light breakfast in the conservatory. Others clearly had the same idea as it was very busy. Luckily we found a seat and I hoped that he wasn’t going to be too crowded in the other areas, but there was no need to worry.

After toast and preserves and a refreshing pineapple juice, we decided to head to the pool area and as I’d had a rubbish nights sleep I decided to snooze for a little while. I love having a nap in the day, it feels so frivolous, especially since having children!

I woke after about an hour and we decided to try out one of the outdoor hot tubs, which was great even in the cold November chill. Once we were nice and warm, we decided to go in some of the detox rooms. One of the reasons why I love Eden Hall is the range of detox rooms they have and again it didn’t disappoint. My favourite is the aromatherapy steam room. I also love the tropical shower, which is really refreshing.

It was then time for lunch. Out of all the spas I’ve visited, Eden Hall provides the best lunch. You can have a full three courses, as well as being able to help yourself to the buffet, which consists of salads and accompaniments for the main course. It’s been a while since I’ve visited Eden Hall and if I’m completely honest, the buffet wasn’t as good as I remembered. Overall though, the food was great. I decided to have salad from the buffet to start, braised beef for main and peanut butter crème brulee and banana fritters for pudding, which was absolutely amazing. My mum had fish from the buffet, mushroom tagliatelle, which was amazing; and strawberry ice cream. We were stuffed!

After lunch, all we felt like doing was sleeping, so we headed to the Slumber Lounge, a lovely peaceful retreat with comfy oversized beanbags and cosy blankets – bliss!

Once we’d recharged our batteries we decided to head back to the pool area to have one last go in the rooms, hot tubs and pool. I was well and truly relaxed and my skin felt amazing!

We ended the day with a lovely shower in the changing rooms. Nice and powerful, lots of room and body products that were for your complimentary use.

We were sad to go. However, I’m delighted to say that Eden Hall is still my favourite spa, it never feels too crowded, the food is amazing and the amount of detox rooms is really good!

I returned home reinvigorated and de-stressed! I now just need to plan my next one…

J x


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