Finding my running mojo

Running mojo

Since running the London Marathon last year I’ve kinda been struggling a bit with running. I lost all motivation and passion. I think once the pressure was off and I no longer had to follow such a strict training plan, I just found it all a bit pointless.

Don’t get me wrong, I hadn’t given up running all together and was still managing to go out once or twice a week and do a few miles. I just haven’t improved and can no longer run any sort of longer distance. Basically I lost my focus or, as I like to call it, my running mojo!

However, watching the London Marathon last Sunday seems to have given me the bug again – I want to do it again (entered the ballot yesterday, so fingers crossed)! Or at the very least I want to run our local Robin Hood Half Marathon in September.

Last week, for the first time in ages, I donned my running watch and went out and pushed myself a bit harder than normal. I won’t lie, it hurt and my time of 32 mins to do 5k is a few minutes away from what I could achieve last year (29 mins). But I enjoyed it and most importantly, I’m determined to improve.

I’ve never been overly bothered about times – I’m not a fan of feeling sick when I push myself that bit too much. But, whilst I get myself back on track, it’s a good measure of my progress, plus it makes me push myself that little bit more.

On Sunday I went out again and did 4 miles, including a big hill. It took me 41 mins, which included a little walk up the hill as I couldn’t quite manage to run the whole thing. I was actually quite pleased with that.

Running mojo

My plan is to try and go out three times a week. Two shorter, faster runs in the week and a longer one at the weekend. I’d like to do a 10k race at the beginning on June and then carry on extending my distance ready for the half marathon at the end of September. I’m considering following a training plan too, in the hope of keeping me focused and also to try and beat my half marathon personal best (pb) of 2:14.

Here’s my goals for this week:

Tues – 5k in 31 mins

Thurs – running with my friend who has just┬ádone the London Marathon and who is much faster than me – eek!

Sun – 4 miles (including the same hill as before, but no walking!)

I’ll keep you updated with my progress.

J xx


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