Five benefits of weekly workouts

Five benefits of weekly workouts

How often do you get home from work and have no intention of doing anything except sleep? You’re tired, you’re worn down mentally and all you want is your bed and a fluffy pillow. If someone suggested to you that working out was a good idea, they’d likely be told to go away. However, exercise could be the best thing that you do for yourself – even when you’re mentally worn out.

There are so many different types of physical activity, from swimming and running to walking and dancing. You could get the advice of an Expert PT, but the bottom line is that you are going to benefit from having your body pushed a little. You need to get your heart rate up and your body moving! All exercise has a benefit, which should tell you that no matter what, movement is going to be a good thing for you. If you’re still on the fence about a workout just once a week, let’s take a look at five benefits even a weekly workout will have for you.

  • Happiness. You can feel so much better about yourself when you exercise. Your brain floods you with happy hormones, you know you’re working on your body and you can immediately feel like you’re accomplishing something. Regular exercise is good for the body and for the mind, improving your mood massively.
  • Weight Loss. A general side effect of exercise is losing weight, and if you want to ensure that you are at a healthy weight and quickly, you need to get into working out regularly. Weight loss is going to help you to reduce the risk of diseases like diabetes developing. It’s also going to ensure that you feel good on the inside!
  • Good For Your Bones. Exercise releases hormones that will play a role in maintaining strong bones and muscles. With movement, you can prevent things like osteoporosis from developing, which helps your health overall. 
  • Increased Energy. You want more energy in life so that you can continue to move and work, see friends and do more than be in bed. Exercise is an excellent way to boost your energy levels and stave off fatigue. Yes, exercise can make you feel tired, but it can also serve to make you feel better the next day. It gets your brain and body working, and tiredness is pushed back in favour of an energy top-up. Even those who deal with daily fatigue and have other medical issues can benefit from exercise and often feel better after they engage in physical activity.
  • Reduces Disease. Exercise is necessary if you want your body to remain functional and healthy. Diseases develop when your body is stagnant, still. You need to reduce your risks of heart disease and early death and a workout a week may not be enough for that. Movement is critical in reducing the risks of diseases developing. The more you move, the less chance you have in something affecting your health!

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