Five ways to show her you love her

Five ways to show her you love her

Love. We all love a little bit of love, and we all strive for it as best we can. We stick close to those we care about the most, but it’s in showing love fearlessly and selflessly that we truly feel what it is to love. What’s stopping you from showing the people you love just how much you love them? From your wife to your husband, your best friend to your Mum, love is shown in countless ways and it’s something that makes you vulnerable. Vulnerability? It’s not easy to handle that emotion, but remember that love responds to love.

Taking a risk and allowing yourself to feel your feelings is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. The good news is that there are a few killer ways out there that you love her – whoever she may be to you. From the Thomas Sabo Jewellery collection to the dinner you lovingly cook for her, your love can be shown in many different ways. In fact, we have got five different ways that you can make sure that you take a moment to allow yourself a little vulnerability and show her you love her. Let’s dive right in!

  1. Just Listen. You know she loves a little bling but have you paid attention when she’s told you what type of metal and style she loves? Do you know if she has allergies to yellow gold but loves the feel of platinum on her skin? No matter what you do, you need to consider putting more effort into listening to her than anything else. When you listen closely, you pay attention to what she wants, and this is going to make a difference to how she feels about you. People crave to be heard – don’t you feel the same?
  2. Discuss. People fall apart in relationships because instead of there being discussion, there is dictatorship with passive aggressive undertones. If you want to ensure that she is feeling loved, don’t come at her with what you want and your demands. If you think the house is dirty, don’t accuse her of making the mess or never lifting a finger. Instead, talk to her about what you could do together as a team to make sure that the house isn’t a mess for long. Working together and being there to clean the home in which you live will go a long way to getting things done.
  3. Don’t Lie. We all tell white lies, but it’s the big things that count. If you make a promise to do something, do it and don’t be afraid to just do it, either. You want to make sure that your promises are kept at all times, and if you know that you should be going above and beyond for your love, do that without thinking about it. Never make a promise you don’t intend to keep.
  4. Avoid The Argument. There are plenty of ways that you can be assertive and get your point across without descending into chaos. In fact, you can be assertive and avoid an argument at the same time. There doesn’t have to be fighting and conflicts, not when you can avoid all of it – yelling gets you nowhere!
  5. Share. Sharing your worries, your happiness and your dreams for the future proves that you are willing to be open with your partner. Be that open and don’t do it with any expectations. Share because you know that you will both thrive on being open with each other.



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