Home changes that affect the atmosphere

Home changes that affect the atmosphere

If you want your home to be much more liveable and enjoyable, at some point you are probably going to have to think about the atmosphere in the home and what it is like. Chances are, you are going to want it to be happier, calmer and so on, and there are some great ways in which you can be sure that you do that. It is absolutely worth taking a look at some of those ideas so that you can create the kind of atmosphere you really want in your own home. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the major home changes that tend to lead to changes in the atmosphere and feeling of the home too.


One of the simplest and yet most powerful changes you can make is with colour. This is as simple as painting a single room, or the whole house, and yet that can often be all that you need to do in order to completely alter how it feels to be in the home. In particular, you might want to take a delve into colour psychology to try and work out a hue which is going to achieve the kind of atmosphere you really want. For instance, you might go to a calming pastel colour if that is the feeling that you are going for, or a vibrant red if you want to make the place feel more energised. Whatever colour you choose, it’s a good idea to be aware of the likely change in tone that it will bring with it.

You can also add colour and individuality to your rooms by adding funking neon signs  as working well in kids bedrooms and playrooms, they also look fab in kitchens and home bars.


The flooring is a hugely important part of the home. For one thing, it very often completely changes the way an entire room looks – and that is going to have an impact on the way in which it feels to be there. The same is true of the fact that different flooring types feel different on the feet – it’s all part of the visceral experience of being in a home, and you need to think about it carefully. If you look at this article on rachelbustin.com you will see some ideas about choosing the ideal flooring type for your home. If you go for wood, for instance, then the home is going to feel natural, whereas carpet will produce a different feeling altogether. It’s really important to be aware of these differences as subtly as you can be, so that you can get to the bottom of which one you most want.


It sounds funny to say, but the way a home smells is also going to have an impact on the atmosphere in that home. If you are not quite happy with the scent in your home, chances are you are not fully happy with the atmosphere either, so it’s subtle and yet important to make sure you are aware of these things. If you look at this article on realsimple.com you will see that there are plenty of things you can do to make use of scent in improving the home’s atmosphere. One example is to use incense to give a homely, relaxed feel to the place. Or you might want to use luxury candles for a different feeling entirely, one of class and so on. Being clever with scent really can help to change up the atmosphere drastically, so it’s something to think about.


In a very real sense, lighting creates mood – that’s why film directors are so particular about it on set. If you want to improve the atmosphere in your home, you might find it helpful to start thinking like a film director, and look at the possible effect that lighting is having on your home in general. You might be surprised at the kind of changes you can make here, and it’s something that you can play around with quite a lot in general. You can use spotlights in different areas to create a moodier feel, for instance, or a soft all-over lighting if you want a more relaxed and gentle atmosphere. Whatever kind of atmosphere it is that you really want, be sure to think long and hard about how the lighting might be used to achieve that. You will find that it makes a huge difference.

Think about these things, and you are going to find that your home has a much better atmosphere in no time, which simply means that it has the atmosphere you are hoping it to have. It’s ultimately all about personal taste, so be sure to pay attention to yours.


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