How bloggers can better manage their documents

How bloggers can better manage their documents

If you want to grow your blog into a business, you’re sure to end up with a lot of different documents to keep organized, such as client agreements and invoices. Managing documents can be a challenge to do, but you can keep them in good order with these tips.

There are a lot of online tools that can be used to keep your documents well organized, whether you need to create them or store them, such as Templafy, found at  

Organize Email Attachments And Documents

Email is often accidentally used as a document management system. We all email files to ourselves to save them, send files to clients, and get sent files via email on a very regular basis. Finding those files again is no easy thing to do, however. 

Download the attachments that you get sent in bulk to make it easier for you to organize and transfer those attachments into a document system. Sort out the attachments into storage, whether that is in the cloud or on your computer’s local drive. This means you will be able to find what you want when you need it.  

Make Use Of Cloud Storage

We all know that using cloud storage is a smart solution, as it makes things more accessible. If you don’t use these tools in a smart way though, these online options can create more stress than they ease. 

Get into the habit of uploading documents as part of your general admin tasks. For example, if you’re working on a tablet on the go, automate your apps to upload files straight to the cloud so you can access them from your computer when you get back home. Create a folder in the cloud where you can download files that you don’t need to keep, in order to keep your main folders clear of old files, like that restaurant menu you downloaded. 

Create A Nested Folder System

Structure your folders to make it easier for to you access the documents that you need, and can help you to remember where you stored things. With each folder level that you click through, you can direct yourself to what you need. Just make sure you create folders with a logical naming system. 

Start with the main folder, then set up sub-folders to sort your documents. For example, sort folders into on-going work, and finished work.

Archive And Delete Files Regularly

Lots of people leave old documents on their systems forever. This takes up space and makes it more difficult to find the document you actually want. Set aside time as part of your blog admin tasks every month to go through all of your documents. Decide whether old files should be archived or deleted. 

For the documents that you need to keep, like invoices, save them in an archive so you can find them if you need them, but keep them separate from your current documents so they don’t cause confusion. Old drafts of blog posts, for example, can be deleted to clear out some space.


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