How to decorate a large bedroom: 5 ideas that will make a statement

Ikos Aria Kos

A large bedroom can be a blessing or a curse. On the one hand, you have plenty of space to spread out and make yourself comfortable. But on the other hand, it can be tough to know how to decorate a large bedroom in a way that feels stylish and cohesive. If you’re struggling with this issue, read this blog that will provide you five ideas for how to decorate a large bedroom that will make a statement. 

1) Create a reading nook: 

One great way to make use of a large bedroom is to create a cosy reading nook. To do this, simply place a comfortable sofa or recliner in one corner of the room, and then add a small side table and floor lamp. The Hyde sofa store has a great selection of stylish and comfortable sofas that would be perfect for this purpose. You can also find some beautiful floor lamps at Target.

Then, surround your seating area with shelves filled with books, magazines, and other objects that you love. This will create a calm and inviting space that you can retreat to when you need some alone time.

2) Paint a mural on one wall:  

If you’re feeling creative, why not paint a mural on one of the walls in your large bedroom? This is a great way to add interest and personality to the space. When painting a mural, consider selecting a scene from nature, like a forest or an ocean. Or, you could opt for something geometric or abstract. Remember to keep your bedroom style in mind when making your selection.

If painting a mural sounds like too much work, you could also try hanging a large piece of art on one wall. This will have a similar effect as a mural, but it will be much easier to execute.

3) Hang a hammock:  

Hanging a hammock in your large bedroom is a great way to add some extra relaxation space. You can find hammocks at most home goods stores, or you can order one online. Once you have your hammock, find two points in your room to attach it to, and then enjoy!

4) Set up a game area: 

If you like to play board games or video games, setting up a game area in your large bedroom is a great idea. This will give you a dedicated space for gaming, and it will help to keep your bedroom looking tidy. All you need for this is a small table and chairs, and then you can set up your game consoles and other equipment.

5) Make a home office: 

With a large bedroom, you have the perfect opportunity to set up a home office. This is a great way to use extra space and can be a lifesaver if you work from home. To create a functional and stylish home office, start by selecting a desk and chair that fit the size and style of your room. Then, add some storage for your office supplies, and decorate with items that make you happy.

A large bedroom can be a great asset, but only if you know how to decorate it in a way that makes sense. By choosing one of these five ideas, you can turn your large bedroom into a statement piece that you love.


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