Making your own furniture

Making your own furniture

Making furniture is something that a lot of people are keen to try. Having something that you’ve made yourself, which is both practical and nice to look at, can give you a feeling of pride. At the same time, many people are uncertain about giving it a try because they imagine it has to be pretty complicated. If you’re not a carpenter, you might feel like not only do you not have the right skills or tools but that it will also take you years to build the skills you need. However, you don’t need to be a master carpenter to start making furniture. There are lots of basic skills you can start learning, as well as some simple projects that don’t really require any woodworking skills.

Start with a Simple Project

The first thing you should do if you want to start making furniture is to look for a simple project. An easy project can help you to get into making your own furniture without needing to have too many tools and without needing any special skills. One example of an easier project could be to make a simple table. If you buy what you need already in the right proportions, you won’t even need to do any cutting. You just need to connect the legs to the top of the table, and there are various materials you could use. The top could be wood, while the legs are metal, making them easy to attach.

Use Non-Wood Materials

You don’t have to have any woodworking tools or skills if you want to make furniture. In fact, not using wood could help you to make something affordably and easily. You could put your furniture together with just a drill or even some strong glue. You might consider using metal, whether it’s sheets of metal or metal piping such as pieces of mild steel box section. Or you could use PVC piping to create shelves, or use a material that’s easy to work with like MDF. Using alternative materials can help you avoid the need for lots of tools and it could even make your projects faster too.

Repurpose Existing Objects

If you don’t want to build furniture from scratch, you could consider repurposing existing items. Making use of something you already have, or something you could salvage, is an eco-friendly way to make furniture. There are many things you could repurpose to give them new life. You might have old plastic or wooden crates that could be turned into pretty storage or even become a table. Of course, you could also upcycle an existing piece of furniture. While it’s not necessarily making furniture, it will give you pieces that you can use in new ways or enjoy more after a makeover.

Don’t Get Too Eager with Tools

One of the things you should be careful about if you’re interested in making furniture is the tools. If you want to try some woodworking, you will need a number of tools to achieve what you want to do. You can start off with hand tools in some situations, but will probably want some power tools eventually. However, you don’t need to rush out and buy lots of tools that you might not end up using much. Before you buy any tools, start with a project that doesn’t require much. You can borrow tools from people you know, or even sometimes from local libraries. Tools and workspace are also available to hire.

Make in Miniature

Does making a full piece of furniture seem a little intimidating? If you’re not yet ready to make a full dining table, consider some smaller projects. Furniture for children and pets are both excellent options if you want to practice making something in miniature. It’s less material for you to handle and can give you a chance to practice some new skills before you make anything larger. You could make a stool or chair for a child or a cat tree for your kitties, both of which could be good first projects. You can even sew some items, such as pouffes or beanbags.

Start with Decorative Items

Another option if you’re not too sure about your ability to build furniture with integrity is to start by making something decorative. It doesn’t matter if it’s not too solid because it’s just for looking at, rather than being something that has to have a functional purpose. There are lots of decorative things you could make, such as a photo frame or maybe something you could use in the garden. A garden trellis doesn’t necessarily have to be that robust, as it will be used to support plants rather than the weight of a person or anything else.

Turn One Piece of Furniture Into Another

Related to reusing existing items, you could consider taking one piece of furniture and turning it into another piece. It depends on what you have, but there are various things you could do with pieces of furniture that you no longer find useful. A small table could become a footstool, for example. An old bookcase could become a home bar or a wine rack. There are lots of things that might not be useful for their original purpose anymore but can still be handy.

Take a Class

If you really want to start making furniture and doing some woodworking, you might want to consider taking a class. It’s a good way to dip your toe in and work out if it’s really for you. You won’t have to invest in any of your own tools and you’ll have a space to work in too. Some courses are based around particular projects, so you know you’ll come out of it having made a stool or a table. Others can focus more on teaching you a range of skills, which you can then put into practice later. There are plenty of options for beginners to help you get started.

You don’t have to be an expert to make your own furniture. There are lots of projects that can help you get started.


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