How to modernise your garden

How to modernise your garden

Having a beautiful modern garden can be achievable. A low maintenance garden doesn’t have to be bland, a lot of modern features are often very low maintenance and there are tips and tricks to achieve it for 2020. Looking at the size of your garden will allow you to work out what will work and what you have space for. It can be great to start looking at ideas on Pinterest to see what you like the look of, but a modern garden often uses minimal ideas and modern plants that will make your garden feel lush and city-chic. 

Change Your Ideas! 

Using different types of plants will work incredibly well to giving your garden a more modern feel. Cactus plants and palm trees can be beautiful in the garden, they are easy to maintain and look after and will sit happily in modern planters in your garden. Another modern facet to add to your garden, which also appears incredibly self-sufficient, is herb plantations. These do not have to take up a lot of space and do not have to be expensive but they will also help keep your garden naturally scented. 

Here are some of the most popular styles for modern plants that can be used in your garden: 

  • Color Guard
  • Canna ‘Pretoria
  • Shadowland 
  • Pyromania 
  • Phormium ‘Sundowner’
  • Spider Plants
  • Palm Trees 

Look at removing your grass, overgrown grass looks messy and not modern at all. There are good ways to keep a green modern garden, such as Artificial Grass which takes no looking after and looks incredibly chic. It will be able to house your garden furniture and will never grow meaning there’s more time to concentrate on other things. Your furniture styles will also be important to having a more modern look and feel. Rattan furniture and plain wooden furniture can look modern and be easy to clean and look after. Choose neutral shades for your furniture such as white, black, grey or creams. You could add some simple coloured cushions to add a little extra element and it will look cosy and comfy. You can also look at adding some fancy lighting, modern and chic, such as lanterns, look at silvers and golds for bigger impact; this will make your garden look modern and also lush, metals tend to work better for lighting because they have a cool tone feel and are easy to wipe over and clean. Modern art can be a beautiful addition; large art pieces, often made with metal can look artistic and stylish; look to see what styles will work best and don’t have anything too big if your garden doesn’t have the space, it will look cramped and feel uncomfortable.  

A modern garden doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be easily achieved to impress your friends and be both practical and beautiful at the same time.  Start looking into what you would love for your modern garden and bring your home well into the twenty first century and new decade! 



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