Staying fit on your family holidays

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Family holidays are meant to be fun experiences where you get time to de-stress and enjoy each others company. This means that you tend to be a little (or a lot) less strict about what you eat, how much activity you take, and various other things pertaining to your health and fitness. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! However, if you don’t want to come back from your next family holiday having gained 6 pounds and feeling more sluggish than ever, here are a few things you can do to stay fit and healthy:

Take the stairs

Instead of taking all of those lifts and escalators at the airport, the hotel, the museums and attractions you are planning to visit on your family holiday, try taking the stairs instead. Whether you’re climbing your way up the Eiffel tower or simply taking the stairs to your hotel room multiple times each day, the extra activity will help you to burn a few more calories to counteract those all you can eat buffets or authentic local street foods you’ll be sampling.

Stop taking taxis and shuttles so much

Okay, so there are some times when you’ll be travelling too far between attractions for the kids to walk, but if it’s within fair walking distance, you should try to walk while doing your sightseeing instead of taking taxis and shuttles, etc., as much as you can. This will often be easier to do in the mornings when the kids are feeling fresh and energetic – if taking a taxi later in the day means avoiding a tantrum, then, of course, you should do that!

Have lots of fun with the kids

One of the best things about family holidays is that you get to spend more time with your family without the worries or work or chores to get in the way, so make the most of it by actually playing with the kids. Run around after them on the beach, go swimming in the beautiful blue sea, learn how to surf, hike up that amazing local mountain – basically have as much active fun as you can and when you come back home you will be feeling better than ever both in terms of your fitness, and the bond you have with your kids.

Do some online exercise

Many personal trainers have developed their own fitness websites, so even though you may not have access to your usual gym while you’re on holiday, that doesn’t mean you can’t fit in the perfect workout for your body. Simply log on and follow their lead from the comfort of your hotel room or holiday apartment. Get the whole kids involved if you want to start the day on a fun healthy note that will energise them for the day of sightseeing ahead.

Don’t sit around waiting

When it comes to travelling, it is often the case that you spend a lot of time sitting around waiting at airports and the like. Instead of sitting, stand up, or maybe even start walking around the terminal or whatever so you can burn a few more calories and prevent yourself from feeling so sluggish. You’ll be amazed at just how much difference ditting less can make to your health, especially when you’re on holiday and lounging on the beach is your favourite thing to do. 

Explore the area you’re in

Instead of staying in your holiday resort or complex, get out there and explore the place you are visiting take the side roads and get off the beaten track (providing it is safe to do so) and you will naturally walk around more and burn more calories. You will also find more interesting attractions than the usual tourist traps, and probably meet a few interesting locals along the way too. The kids will love it because it will be a real adventure.

Let yourself relax

Of course, you are on holiday, so there’s no need to push yourself too hard. It’s fine to relax by the pool for a few hours or overindulge on the fine local seafood once in a while – what you want to do is aim for balance so if you spend a day by the pool, spend the next day exploring the town or hiking the local mountain and you will, at the very least, maintain your current levels of fitness.

Stay fit on your family holiday, but most importantly, be sure to have lots of good family fun too, after all, that’s what travelling is all about! 


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