A letter to Henry & Heidi as they start school

A letter to Henry & Heidi as they start school

It’s the evening before your first day at school.

Heidi, you’re so excited to start school and so ready too. You love reading and writing and I know you’ll try so hard to please your teacher. You’ve always been independent (and feisty!) and starting school will allow to use this independence to achieve great things. You’re a bit (ok, a lot!) of a performer and like to entertain and do shows, so I’m sure you’ll soon be entertaining your little class mates and making lots of new friends. You’re such a happy little girl and have a real zest for life. You’re going to love it my baby girl.

Henry, you’re not so sure about starting school, but I know you’ll be fine. You can be a little bit dependent, but I know school will help you develop your independence. I know that once you have a go you’ll be so proud of what you can achieve. Although you’re not as keen on reading (you love being read to though) and writing as your sister, you know your stuff, but prefer to explore how things work and what things are made of – we don’t call you curious Hen for nothing – after all who has time to sit and write when there are things to build and get dirty with?! You’re going to have great fun in the mud kitchen! You’re very social and love making new friends, so I’m sure you’ll be making lots of new ones at school.  You’re going to have a great time my little Hen.
As much of a cliche as it is, I can’t believe my babies are starting school. It feels like yesterday that you were kicking around in my tummy and I would anxiously fret about how I was going to get two newborn babies downstairs (I spent so long fretting about that!!). The past 4 years have flown, there have been times where I wasn’t sure I’d get through the day, along with times where I was so tired I could hardly open my eyes. In fact, in the early days I remember crying to Ninnie about just how tired I was!!
There have also been lots of very special times and precious moments. Lots of fun, cuddles and a heap of love. I never knew just how hard you could love until I had you three!
Tomorrow is an end of an era. We won’t be having any more babies so that’s it, the end of the baby phase (I know you’ve not been babies for a while, but you get my drift).  And, I’m feeling sad. I know that you’re going to have a great time, but it feels like we’re closing the door on what has been a very special time in our lives and it leaves me with a heavy heart.
Tomorrow you embark on the next phase. A new adventure. And, although I won’t lie and say that I’m not looking forward to a spot of clothes shopping on a Friday (my day off), I also know that I’ll miss my little twinkles causing chaos and trying on random shoes and hats!!
You’ll be more independent, make lots of new friends and will have some amazing adventures.

Go and fly my little babies. Do things that make you happy, explore, play, laugh, push yourself to achieve your dreams, and – this is very important- ALWAYS be kind.

Love you both heaps.

Mummy xx


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