Managing an online career during your global adventures

Managing an online career during your global adventures

Whether you’re blogging, running an e-commerce website, or managing an online business of any other kind, you need to make sure that your work fits your lifestyle and vice versa. Out of everyone, travel lovers can have a lot more difficulty doing this. But difficult doesn’t mean impossible. Here are a few ways to better manage your online career while still travelling the world.

Get to know your timezones

One of the biggest challenges, especially for those who travel especially far afield, is keeping in communication with other members of your team or your clients. If you’re running a globally available service you should already know this, but it’s important to always keep your timezones in mind. You don’t want to try calling a client at 6 am. Keep in mind the rules of time zone etiquette, including using the right tools to work out the time zones of your different contacts, setting an official timezone with open-office hours for people to be able to reach you, and getting a better idea of the schedules of any co-workers or partners.

Ensure you can be contacted

Aside from making sure that you have office hours during which you can be contacted from any time zone, you need to make the means of getting in touch with you as accessible as possible. There are going to be times that you cannot be reached on your travels, so you need to make sure that when you are available, your clients know it and get in touch as easily as possible. The best live chat software reviewed can help you implement tools that make it easier for them to message you during office hours, for instance. 

Get connected to the Cloud

People might suggest the Cloud as the premier solution for just about any business obstacle nowadays. However, when it comes to digital nomads, there’s no denying that Cloud storage makes it so much easier to manage and access your documents from anywhere. Similarly, Cloud software allows you to access all sorts of work functions and processes so long as you have the right access credentials, such as your username and your password, on hand.

Don’t be afraid to delegate

You’re not always going to be on hand to answer a call or to address query. With that in mind, you should take a look at the reviews for the top virtual assistants who might be able ot help you better manage your workload. Not only can they take messages and address basic queries about the business, but they might be able to handle some parts of the workload that you can’t quite get to. It’s important to keep in mind what should and shouldn’t be delegated to make sure you’re not passing over nay any of your key duties, of course.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for ensuring that your lifestyle and your work-life can have a happy meeting in the middle. Hopefully, however, the tips above can at least get you thinking about solutions if not helping you find the right ones outright.


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