My new hair style – the bob

The bob

For a couple of years now, I’ve been attempting to grow my hair. When I made the decision to grow it I had visions of long, lustrous locks. However, the reality hasn’t really lived up to my expectations.

Firstly, longer hair takes so much longer to dry and style, this coupled with the fact that I have three children to sort in the morning’s, is not really a great combination!

Secondly, it takes so long to grow! I’ve got quite thin hair, so the long, thick locks that I envisioned could probably only realistically be achieved if I had extensions.

Thirdly, by the time I’ve got the train to work or done the school run, my hair looks nothing like it did when I left the house!


So, factoring in all the above, I made the decision to get it chopped.

I’ve had my hair all different lengths in the past – from very short (a la Victoria Beckham in the early 00’s), to reasonably long. However, I always seem to go back to ‘the bob’.

The bob is great – you can curl it, straighten it, tie it up or just give it a quick scrunch. Plus, it’s much less likely to look like a crazy mess when I arrive at my intended destination!

After a bit (ok, a lot) of pinning on Pinterest, I headed to my trusted hairdresser, who is based at Nottingham salon Hairven (who I highly recommend – check out their Instagram to see their work!).

At my last appointment, I’d experimented a little with the colour. I’d had what is known as a ‘root stretch’ – where a darker colour is used at the roots, which slowly blends into a lighter colour. I was really please with how natural it looked, so decided to go for the same again this time.

I also decided to go for a blunt-cut, just above the shoulder bob. I really love the wavy styles that seem to be everywhere, so I asked my stylist to give me a demo on how to achieve the look at home, as my attempts always seem look over-styled. It seemed pretty easy to do, so I’m hopefully that I’ll be able to replicate it at home.

The Results

I’m delighted to say that I love it!

It feels lighter, fresher and more summery! It sounds a bit mad, but I think felt a bit drab with my longer hair.

Here’s the before and after pics:


Long hair




Wavy bob

What do you think?

J xx


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