Capturing our moments {December and January}

Capturing our moments {December and January}

It feels like ages since I’ve written one of these posts, in fact it’s been far too long since my last post (must try harder)!

We’ve had a pretty busy couple of months. As always, December was manic. January was thankfully less busy.

To save lots of waffle in these posts, I’ve decided to make them mainly photo based, with just a little overview. So, here’s what we’ve been up to.


Christmas parties

We both go to Simon’s, which is normally a great ‘do’, this year was as good as ever. Mine was also pretty good and was a bit of a also a bit of leaving do for me, as I said my farewells when I broke up on 22nd December. I do love getting glammed up over Christmas and getting the red lippy out!

Christmas party

Christmas party

Thomas Land

We had a fab day out visiting Santa at Thomas Land, during the middle of December. We went with my parents and it was a truly magically day – I highly recommend it.





Both Oscar and the twins had their usual nativity plays – both were lovely and, as always, I had a little tear in my eye. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get many pics this year and the ones that I did capture have other children in, so I’m reluctant to share. I did get a super cute on of Heidi though; the other little girl is her best friend and I know her Mum won’t mind me sharing.



The run up to Christmas was manic. Ever year I always promise myself that I’m going to be super organised, but always end up running round like mad at the last minute getting everything sorted!




On Christmas day we had Simon’s parent over for breakfast and then went out for lunch with mine. It was the perfect combination and I really appreciated the fact that this year I didn’t have to cook! I also liked getting dressed up to go out.


Between Christmas and New Year, both Simon and I were off work. It was lovely being able to have some rush-free, quality family time. We met up with friends, had pyjama days and basically ate far too much – it was fab!


New Years Eve

We went to a great party with our friends and all our children came too. The twins fell asleep a couple of hours before midnight, but Oscar stayed up to see in the New Year. We ended up stopping at our local McDonald’s on the way home and Oscar was super chuffed to be the first customer of 2017!






A new job

I started my new job as a Marketing Consultant and I’m absolutely loving it! I work with some really inspirational women, who completely get the work/life/family juggling act that us working mums have to contend with. I’m loving the variety too.

Oscar’s 7th birthday

I still can’t quite believe my baby boy is 7! I got a little emotional about it all and wrote him a little letter for him to read when he’s older. He had a great day, was completely spoilt and a brill party with his school friends, the day after.


Henry got a new room

Henry has moved into his new bedroom, meaning the twins no longer share a room. Henry couldn’t wait to sleep in his new room and ‘big boy’ bed, and seemed really excited to have his own space. Heidi wasn’t quite as keen, but has soon got used to it. I’m a bit sad about it, it almost feels like the end of an era! Anyway, I won’t whittle on, as I’d quite like to write a separate post about this milestone.


So, a crazy December and a calmer January, which I’ve I’m honest I’m glad is over. I’m not a big January fan – it’s cold, we’re always poor from Christmas and Oscar’s birthday and it feels so far away from the milder, lighter nights of Spring.

J xx


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