Not as stress free as planned!

Not as stress free as planned!

So, a few weeks ago, I posted some tips for having a stress free Christmas, which I’d pledged to follow. Well it’s not quite going to plan!

Life appears to be getting in the way of my plans! Our extension is now almost finished (full post and pics coming soon), but we’ve just had our ensuite refurbished and it’s taken longer than planned (doesn’t it always?!). We had our house valued last week by our mortgage company, so evenings were spent painting and general tidying to ensure it was at it’s best.

This weekend, we had Simon’s work Christmas party on Friday night, which was a great night, but as we stopped at his parent’s we didn’t get home until lunchtime on Saturday. Then we had to purchase a tree, which is always a bit stressful and lots of: “It’s too wide”; “Too tall” “You decide” “Where’s Henry gone!”. We then visited my sister, as it was her birthday. We finally finished the day by decorating the tree (once the twins were in bed).


The tree is up!

So far, here is where I have got to:

  • I’ve started to wrap the presents and plan to dedicate a few evenings to getting them all finished this week – this is probably wishful thinking and despite my best efforts I’ll still be wrapping on Christmas Eve!!

  • I have about seven more presents to buy, which I hope to get on Friday.

  • I have some Christmas cards, but they aren’t written – I’m actually not a massive fab of Christmas cards anyway, so always struggle to motivate myself to write any.

  • Oscar and I are all sorted for the Nativity, so no last minute costume or booking time off panics!

  • We’ve purchased plenty of wine for the festive season (I may need to break it open sooner!).

  • Table decorations for Christmas Day have been sourced – thanks Matalan and Poundstretcher!

  • Everyone who is coming for Christmas Dinner has been told what they need to be bring.

  • My outfit is all sorted for my Christmas party.

Actually now I’ve written it all down, I’m not doing too bad. Maybe I don’t need to crack open the wine just yet. I just need to crack on with the wrapping and card writing!

J xx


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