Our coronavirus diary – day four

Our coronavirus diary – day four

Friday is usually my day off, so at least I wasn’t juggling work and the kids.

The morning went really well and my very brief dabble in teaching 14 years ago, certainly helped. We decided to make a scrapbook of our coronavirus experience. We talked about our feelings and how we write a diary entry and the sort of words we might use. The kids then wrote diary entries to stick in the scrapbook.

For creative time, they drew pictures about coronavirus and we printed off Mother’s Day pictures, cards and bookmarks for them to colour (thank god we got a printer!).

After lunch, interestd a little. I think I’m going to have to change what we do after lunch. At about 2pm we abandoned any educational activities for YouTube videos and the Xbox! The twins managed a Joe Wickes workout and then built a obstacle course in the lounge!

At about 4pm we went to the park for a run around, which helped.

We returned home to the news that from tonight all pubs, cinemas, restaurants, leisure centres will close.

I went to Tesco in the evening and many of the aisles were empty! I’m not sure why there is so much panic buying going off.

Overall, a good day. Although I’m pretty sure I’m still in shock. I haven’t cried or had a meltdown over the situation yet. It still doesn’t feel real.



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