Our coronavirus diary – day seven

Our coronavirus diary – day seven

Today is Monday. It’s been a week since I started working from home and I can’t believe how much has changed during that time!

Today, the stark reality of the situation hit. We’d had a lovely day yesterday (the pic from this post is from the walk we went on) and as Simon headed to work (he’s still not working from home yet, but don’t get me started!) I just felt completely overwhelmed. I locked myself in the loo for a brief cry so the kids didn’t see me. I feel so sad and overwhelmed that this is happening to us all.

Once I’d pulled myself together, we had our usual morning walk with the dog and then got ready for PE with Joe Wickes. I have a team call at 9am, so I thought it would work perfectly. However, that would be far too easy. The kids spent most of the half hour fighting with each other, whilst I attempted to chat to my work colleagues. Heidi thought it would be fun to wet her hair so she looked like she’d been sweating. She also thought it was totally accepted to show all my colleagues. Not a great start to the day. I think from now on we’ll be doing the daily PE session at the end of the day!

Once they’d managed to calm down, I was able to get them to sit and focus on some maths and english activities, whilst I did some work. All seemed to go ok from there, although they seem to get through their worksheets so quickly!

I only work half a day on a Monday, so after lunch I took Heidi (and the boys) for an emergency appointment at the dentist as she has an infection – great timing!!

Spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get the kids to snuggle on the sofa and watch a film. However, they all wanted to watch different films. In the end, Heidi and Oscar played outside, whilst me a Hen snuggled. I can’t seem to switch off at the minute though. I’m constantly on my phone either looking at the news, social media or sending messages. I really need to stop as it’s not helping.

When Simon got home, I walked to the supermarket to pick up some food. It felt like such a luxury being able to get out of the house on my own. I really do think this whole episode will make us all appreciate the small things so much more.

After eating dinner, we watched Boris Johnson address the nation and announce that we are now effectively in lock down for three weeks. This means we can only go out for essentials, we can only exercise outside once a day and we must only go outside the home to go to work if absolutely necessary. We’re not allowed friends or family over and we must all stay at home.

Still can’t believe this is actually happening!

It will be interesting to see how the next three weeks go. I really must stop eating ALL the food!!!

Jemma x


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