Our coronavirus diary – lockdown week 5

Our coronavirus diary – lockdown week 5

I’m a little bit late writing about last week, but I’m still keen to make sure I capture the key highlights of the week.

Week 5 was another week of gorgeous weather, so we spent lots of time in the garden. As a result, we were all mostly in a good mood for most of the week.

I made fresh pancakes one morning, which went down well and was a nice way to start the day.

Home schooling went pretty well, due to the help of a neighbour who is a teacher. Every week she reads a story and then provides loads of cross-curricular activities that link to the story. It was nice to do something different and the activities kept us all busy.

We also discovered a local bakery, that are running a delivery service. They do some amazing old school classics (butterscotch tart, cornflake tart etc), so we ordered some to be delivered on Friday. It was the perfect way to end the week. On Friday evening we sat in the garden and enjoyed a cream cake and a few tipples (the adults, not the kids). We played games and danced until the sunset – it was lovely.

On Saturday we had street drinks with our neighbours, where we all sat in our front gardens and had a few drinks and a chat. It was really nice to socialise (at a distance) with everyone and again enjoy the evening sunshine.

I may have overindulged slightly on the booze on Friday and Saturday, which resulted in a couple of terrible nights’ sleep and horrendous dreams. I haven’t had an alcoholic drink since and will drink in moderation at the weekend. I think the dreams are probably a reflection of the bizarre situation we find ourselves in.

I keep trying not to overthink things and take things one day at a time. Some days it’s easier said than done.

Jemma x



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