The hospital scan and telling work

I decide to wait to tell work until the ‘official’ 12 week hospital scan, which we had yesterday.
We seemed to be at the hospital ages! Upon entering the room we tell the sonographer that we already know it’s twins, he then goes on to say that we’ll only be able to have the nuchal translucency scan and not the blood test to test for Downs Syndrome as the blood test isn’t reliable with twins.
We’d not had any tests with Oscar and hadn’t really thought about it this time round, so we started discussing whether to have them or not. The sonographer decides we needed to chat through our options with a midwife, which we did. We then finally decided to have the screening, so back to the scan room we went.
The scan took a while. One twin was bouncing around and wriggling away, whilst the other was very calm and chilled, but in a fully position meaning it was difficult to get the measurements. It was lovely to see them though and we managed to get a good look at them.
Following the scan, we then had to endure the agonising wait for the results. Me, being me, was convinced one twin would be high risk, especially when the sonographer went into another room for what looked like a second opinion!
We were finally called back in and were relieved to hear that the risk is extremely low – phew, one less thing to worry about!
I could now finally announce at work that I hadn’t been piling on the pounds for no reason. They were fab and everyone was very excited! It’s a relief that I won’t have to hold my notebook over my expanding tum and won’t have to keep secretly reaching into my bag for snacks to keep the nausea at bay! I make it known that I will definitely be returning, whilst I love being a mum, work is important for me and keeping my identity as Jemma. Overall everyone is very positive and one colleagues says something that I’ll always remember – “I’ve heard from friends and family that twins are less than double the work, but twice the pleasure”.
Exciting times ahead!!


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