The ingredients you need for the perfect bedroom

The ingredients you need for the perfect bedroom

When was the last time you gave your bedroom a comfort makeover? You need a bedroom to be a comfortable place to relax, to sleep and to read. You want to know you can spend time there and feel safe and at home, and the best thing to do to get your bedroom feeling that way is to figure out the ingredients you need to make your bedroom a perfect place to be.

It might be time for a refresh and the room can turn out beautifully when you put your mind and your effort into it. What do you want from your bedroom? Whether you upgrade your bed with Divan Bed Warehouse or you choose to repaint the room and brighten it up, there are ways that you can make your bedroom as perfect as possible. With this in mind, we’ve got a few things to consider when it comes to designing your room.

  1. Creating your escape. Your bedroom is the place in which you retire to at the end of the day, and it’s a place you want to lay back and fall asleep in, and it should be a priority for you to have a haven that allows you to feel like you can truly relax. Every single room in your home is going to be packed and busy with things and you want this room to be less busy and more calm. Consider salt lamps and candles, uplighters and chunky rugs to sink your toes into. It should be a serene place to be, not a cluttered place full of mess. 
  2. Make it liveable. Yes, you use your bedroom to sleep and relax, but it’s not the only thing that you can do in there. You can make it more liveable by creating a living space in part of the room. Think about adding a squashy armchair and a bookshelf, and decorate it with a low hanging light to really add some ambience. You can then use the space to hang out as much as you do sleep!
  3. Storage is key. You need to ensure that your bedroom remains an organised space and that means adding the storage that you need. Consider drawers under your bed, window seats and blanket boxes. Doubling your furniture with storage can help you to create the storage you need while not kitting out your room with a million boxes!
  4. Bring in as much light as possible. Your bedroom needs lighting and that means making as much natural and artificial light come through as possible. There are so many beautiful options for lighting and your bedroom is going to benefit massively from it.
  5. Add colour. Bright colours are a beautiful addition, but make sure that you don’t overload the room. You need to think about pops of colour with a lighter background or pastel colours that offer you a softness in your bedroom that you can’t find elsewhere. You want your room to feel cosy and stand out!

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