Interior changes that give you the most bang for your buck

Interior changes that give you the most bang for your buck

While it should rarely be the sole determining factor in what changes you make to your home, there’s no denying that we have “home value” in the back of our head during any major interior projects. But what changes are really going to make a big impression in terms of the value of the home? Here are a few to consider.

There’s nothing like some space

Simply put, the most valuable renovation you can make to the home is always going to be that which results in new space. Extending the home, finishing the attic or the basement, or even knocking down walls to create a more open-plan home are all going to offer real space, which also means they have a real-money impact on the home, as well.

The heart of the home

Aside from adding new space, some renovations, in particular, can unlock a lot of value in the home. There are two rooms to focus on, in particular, but it’s the kitchen that has the most in terms of potential value. As one of the most widely trafficked and practicality focused rooms in the home, working with kitchen designers can help you offer the home a real lifestyle upgrade. Even something as simple as new surfaces or Glass Splashbacks can offer the value a real boost.

Creating modern bathrooms

Bathrooms are some of the rooms in the home that start to date themselves the most quickly. There are frequent updates and upgrades in the bathroom world, after all. That’s why these rooms are the second most valuable to renovate, after the kitchen. They’re not quite as essential, but making new installations such as walk-in showers and larger sinks can make quite the impact.

Sitting pretty

Kerb appeal, and the overall appeal of the exterior space, can make quite the difference. At its simplest, this can mean changes like new landscaping, a new lick of paint, cladding for the exterior and so on. However, practical changes to the bathroom, like adding a patio, creating outdoor dining spaces, and more major renovations can offer even more in terms of value to the home. You typically want to spruce up the kerb appeal of the home when you’re close to putting it on the market so that it looks at its freshest and most inviting.

If it’s broke, fix it

It might sound as exciting as some of the other changes you can make here. However, those little lingering DIY problems can come back to bite you in the rear when, if you sell it, the buyer uses them as a point of negotiation to haggle the price down. As such, taking steps to maintain the home won’t just make your life more comfortable, they will save you headaches down the line, too.

Big renovations tend to offer the biggest potential in terms of added value. However, even with those, you have to compare the cost of the project itself versus the kind of value gain you can expect to see. At the very least, if they pay for themselves down the line, that’s a good deal on some real home improvements.


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