Valuable opportunities for your children to travel

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Seizing opportunities for your children to travel gives them the chance to experience new things. They get used to the act of travelling, whether you’re flying, on a road trip, or taking a train journey. They also benefit from all of the things that travelling can give them, including lots of new experiences. There are different ways your child might have the opportunity to travel, whether it’s with you or on their own. By looking out for opportunities your child might have to experience travel, you can help to secure them new and unforgettable experiences that can be really valuable to them.

Visiting Family and Friends

Going to see friends and family can be a great way to experience a type of travel that we all do often. You might not see it as a holiday, but for children, it can be a fun change to their routine. It might mean travelling across the country to visit your parents or sometimes even going abroad to meet up with family you haven’t seen in a while. Not only is it a chance to experience travelling together, but you get to connect with people you love too. Another opportunity for your child to travel might be an invitation to go away with a friend and their family.

Holidays at Home and Away

Not all of us take regular holidays, but those of us who are lucky enough to be able to can give our children a range of valuable experiences. Whether you go on holiday in the UK or you choose to go overseas, you can see new places, try new activities, and explore different cultures. Many holidays are much more affordable than you think, and you can find ways to turn cheaper holidays into adventures and learning experiences for your whole family.

Going on School Trips

School trips are a great way for your child to experience travel without you there. Of course, they still have the support of other adults, but they can also have the chance to be more independent. When they have the opportunity for educational travel, they might take a trip to a different part of the country or possibly go abroad to experience a different country. Most school trips are day trips, but children often have the chance to go on residential trips where they can experience being away from home and learn to be more independent.

Taking Day Trips

Travelling doesn’t have to mean going away for multiple nights. It can also be taking shorter trips and being back in time for tea. You could go for a drive somewhere, get the train or take a bus to visit somewhere that’s not too far from home. Within a day, you can usually travel a few hours away and still have plenty of time to enjoy the day before you need to go home. Whether you visit a nearby city or go for a hike, there are lots of day trips you could try.


Grab these opportunities for your children to travel so they can experience new things and get more comfortable with travelling.


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