50 things that make me happy

50 things that make me happy

There have been lots of these 50 things that make me happy posts going around at the minute. I love reading them, so thought I’d join in the fun, so here goes…

1. My beautiful babies
2. My lovely hubby
3. Chocolate
4. Cake
5. Running
6. Clothes shopping
7. White roses
8. Posh hotels
9. Spa days
10. Holidays
11. Freshly washed sheets
12. Cocktails
13. Getting glammed up for a night out
14. Pizza
15. A clean house
16. Hearing my children giggling
17. Watching my children sleep
18. New make up
19. Designer handbags
20. Cuddles
21. Putting my pyjamas on after a long day
22. Reading
23. Spring and summer
24. Newborn babies
25. My blog
26. My iphone
27. Champagne
28. Getting a parcel in the post
29. Twin moments
30. Weekend breakfasts
31. Greys Anatomy
32. Date night
33. Looking through my little ones’ memory boxes
34. Our new extension
35. Anything from The White Company
36. My bed
37. Hazelnut lattes
38. Lie ins
39. New running gear
40. Freshly painted nails
41. Fridays
42. Sweet and salty popcorn
43. When the scales say I’ve lost weight
44. Reading my favourite blogs
45. Catching up with friends
46. Chip shop chips
47. Ribena Really Light
48. Nice people
49. Being greeted by my lovelies after a day at work
50. Afternoon tea

I really enjoyed writing that. It’s amazing how just thinking about the things that make you happy, makes you smile. If you haven’t already done this, I’d encourage you to give it a go.

J x


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