Capturing our moments {Feb – June}

Capturing our moments {Feb – June}

I knew it had been a while since I’d written one of these posts, but when I looked back and saw the last one was written in Feb, I was a bit gobsmacked! Just where has the time gone?

The main aim of these posts is to try and capture all the little things that we’ve done every couple of months, so to ensure we’ve captured everything, I’m going to try and cram everything we’ve been up to since Feb into this post (it may be a long one – apologies).

The twin’s 4th birthday

I can’t actually believe I haven’t done a separate blog post on this. I’ve been a bit slack with my blog recently and I have realised I need to make sure I’m capturing the special memories.

The twin’s birthday consisted of a day at soft play, followed by our usual birthday tea at our lovely local Indian restaurant. The weekend before their birthday, they also had a little soft play party for their little friends – super cute!





A bit of a restyle

In Feb, I had my hair chopped into a bob, which I love!

The bob

The twin’s first football match

Simon and Oscar are season ticket holders for Nottm Forest and when the twins turned four, we all went along to a game, which they loved! Next season, Henry will go to all the matches with them, whilst me and Heidi have some girly time.




A night on the town with an old work colleague

We try and go out at least once a year and it always involves too many cocktails and lots of dancing!


A day trip to London

In March we went down to London to visit our friends and had a lovely little day trip in the capital. I love London!


Lots of football matches!

Oscar has recently started playing for our local team, so since January there has been lots of football training and matches!


A lovely Mother’s Day breakfast

I love going out for breakfast, so when it’s Mother’s Day I always like to go out for breakfast if we can. This year we went to All Bar One and it went down very well. I even got a free glass of fizz – always a bonus!





For Easter we went on a Carnival cruise from Texas and cruised around the Caribbean for a week – it was lovely. Before heading home we also spent a week exploring Texas, which was quite different to our usual holiday. We really enjoyed it, although on our way home my Dad (who was with us) took poorly at the airport, so we ended up staying an extra night. Thankfully he was ok. I am planning on doing a post (or two!) about our holiday as we did lots of videoing.

Before we headed off on holiday the twins took part in their pre school’s annual Easter Bonnet Parade, which was super cute.





Oscar’s football medals

Oscar started playing for our local football team and during the end of season was given a few medals for his efforts and for taking part in a tournament. He loves getting medals and was super proud. Henry also looks proud 🙂



Family days

I much prefer Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter, so once the milder weather arrived we started to get out and about a bit more. It’s rare for us to get a pic of us together, especially one that I like. I love this selfie that we took on a walk round our local nature reserve.


Family celebrations

During May, my lovely niece got engaged to her boyfriend. I’m really happy for them both and can’t wait to attend their wedding in Vegas!


Date nights

Over the last few months, Simon and I have also managed to squeeze in a couple of date nights, which have been really lovely. I’m a big believer in spending time together as a couple and taking time out for our marriage. It all sounds pretty serious, but I think when you have kids, it’s very easy to forget about each other and your relationship. The odd date night is a lovely way to reconnect and spend quality child-free time together.



I think that’s about it! It’s obviously a massively edited version of everything, we’ve been up to otherwise it would’ve seemed a bit never ending.

I really must try and do these more regularly!

J x


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