Renovating our main bathroom


We have plenty of tiles around our house, especially in our recent extension, I love them – whether they’re floor tiles or wall tiles! In my eyes, tiles give you so much freedom to accessorise around, as well as being stylish themselves they’re versatile for pairing up with different furnishings. When we extended our house we ended up renovating most of the existing rooms too. However, one room we didn’t do was the main bathroom.  Now that everywhere else is how we want it, I’m hoping in the next year or so that we’ll be able to afford to update this room too. Although nothing has been set in stone yet I wanted to share an array of floor and wall tiles that we are considering anyway!

The look we want to create:

I’m a big fan of neutral colours, I want my rooms to feel spacious and light, something which I feel neutral colours helps to promote. Whilst trying to remain neutral I’d also like to ensure a contemporary appearance is upheld within the bathroom itself, which leads me to…

Our top 3 so far:

Satin Ceramic TilesI love the idea of creating a brickwork like pattern on the bathroom wall, these tiles would also really help other features to stand out, ie a new shower head or other things that my other half wont be too keen on purchasing but wont have a choice! I’ve been doing a lot of research into materials too and ceramic seems to be a front runner in the tile world as it has a lot of advantages. Some of these include its durability, long-lasting lifespan, scratch-resistance and ease of maintenance.

Bathroom tiles

Mosaic Tiles – Whether they’re neutral or brightly coloured patterns, there’s just something about mosaic tiles for me. I really enjoy the versatility of them; whether you’re looking to tile a whole room or just create a feature wall, there is a design fit for most purposes. Again, I’ve been looking up other benefits to mosaic tiles, but because they come in so many different materials it’s hard to narrow it down! I love how delicate and intricate the patterns are, they add a sense of elegance to the room and although some of the colours are bolder than I would ever go for I really like the effect that they have on a room.


Natural Stone Tiles – Probably one of the most expensive options that we have looked at, Natural Stone Tiles are stunning, really they are. They create such a rustic look and it’s something that never goes out of style, although they are a little out of my price range; a girl can dream right?! When reading up on the pros of natural stone I have seen a lot about how they are beneficial towards energy bills, which I can only assume is because of how well they conduct heat. Another advantage is their lifespan and durability, meaning that they able to withstand heavy amounts of traffic/footfall without amounting to much damage in the long run, so despite their price you do get your moneys worth on a whole.

bathroom 3

I know there are so many other options available, trust me when I say this we are going ahead with our planning but we’re trying to keep an open mind when it comes to the final choice of tile, this is something that we just cant go into with all guns blazing; although I am struggling with restraining myself from buying everything now! If you have any other suggestions please feel free to come forward with them, we love to hear new ideas. Finally, make sure you keep an eye out for further updates on our progress.

J xx

Post written in collaboration.


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