Half term adventures – Twycross Zoo

Half term adventures – Twycross Zoo

During last week’s half term, my mum and I decided to take all the kids to the zoo for the day.

Twycross Zoo is about half an hour drive from us and we haven’t been for a few years, so I was really looking forward to it.

When we first arrived we decided to sit in the relatively new Himalaya area and have a quick drink before we went in to explore. The Himalaya area is lovely and modern and I was looking forward to returning for lunch.

Once we’d paid our entrance fee (around £45 for the five of us – the twins were free) we began exploring.

We quickly discovered that they was a little train about to leave the station, so we hopped on. The kids loved it and we promised to go back on later in the day.

Our next stop was the Pets at Twycross area. Everyone loved looking at the bunnies and we got to go into the goat area to stroke the goats, which the kids were very excited about.

We then explored the new Butterfly Forest, which was a particular favourite of mine. There were so many beautiful butterflies flying around.

By this point it was lunchtime, so we decided to head back to the Himalaya to order jacket potatoes, which we’d spotted on the menu earlier. When we arrived it was chaos. The zoo wasn’t particularly busy, but the Himalaya area was absolutely packed. They have recently added a new soft play area to this area and it was clear that people were there just to visit this.

It was really difficult to find a seat and when we did finding two high chairs proved impossible. I was really disappointed. It feels like they are trying to make as much money as possible and in doing so are spoiling the experience of those paying for a day out at the zoo. The food was reasonable, but it was so busy that I couldn’t wait to get back outside.

After lunch we explored the rest of the zoo. Oscar was disappointed that they no longer have giraffes. Although his happiness was soon restored upon seeing the penguins. The elephants and vast array of monkeys also proved popular too.

Once we’d explored everywhere, we decided to have another ride on the train. Followed by a play on the park, which the kids thought was great.

By this point we were all getting cold and we decided it was time to go home. We called into the gift shop on the way out for the obligatory treats from Grandma, who in our house is known as ‘Ninnie’!

Overall we had a lovely day, it’s quite an expensive day out – particularly when we have to pay for the twins – but I would go back again. It was just a shame that lunch wasn’t a particular good experience.

J x


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