Make your nights out safer with these helpful tips

Juni Nottingham

Whether you’re going out for a friend’s birthday party or are looking to explore a city at night while travelling, safety should always be a number one priority. Thanks to technology, there are many ways for us to establish a feeling of safety when we’re out at night, but even so, it’s no excuse to neglect some of the basic safety measures that we should be taking whenever we head out.

So here are some helpful tips to make your nights out feel a little safer to give you peace of mind.

Always have a few emergency contact numbers on your phone before you head out

It can be difficult to phone emergency contact numbers if they’re not saved on your phone. You might not remember the number of your local taxi company, or you might want to have your local locksmith saved on your phone in case you get locked out of your home. Other contact numbers are also important in a pinch. For example, if you’re heading out with a family group, then getting the number of each family member is important in the event that you lose track of them or you need to round everyone up.

Remember that there is safety in numbers

When in doubt, always remember that there is safety in numbers. The more people that you have around you, the more likely you’ll be ignored as a potential target for a crime. Even if you head out alone, being in a group of people and getting to know others can help you feel a lot safer. If you’re ever separated from your group, it’s worth taking shelter with a crowd and then giving them a call to meet up again.

If you’re going in a group and driving to your destination, always designate a driver

Whether you’re going on a road trip to another town or are just driving a few minutes to your local nightclub, it’s always a good idea to designate a driver so that you have someone trustworthy and sober to drive you home. This should be someone that is perfectly capable of avoiding the temptation of alcohol, and it should be someone with a strong sense of responsibility. This will ensure that everyone gets home safe and minimises the risk of a car accident due to someone driving under the influence.

Make ample use of your smartphone for its security features

There are a plethora of emergency features on your smartphone that you can use to stay safe when you’re out at night. For example, you can save emergency contact numbers, and there is an SOS feature on iOS devices that automatically calls the local emergency number. You can also turn on tracking features so that other people know exactly where you are as long as your GPS is turned on. Smartphone safety features will vary depending on the make and model of your phone, so make sure you look at the settings and features available to you.


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